Let Fall Catch You – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Painted leaves sing in unison
Unlike music, their song
is soundless harmony.

This orchestra of glow
soothes the tempo
of an internal pounding

from a day of instruments
that refused to play
the same song.

Fall catches you
with muted volume
a serenade of equilibrium

let the blushing colors 
sing you home.

© Alicia Grimshaw (rewrite of 2018 poem)

29 thoughts on “Let Fall Catch You – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Fall catches you…
    Such a wonderful serenade of a gentle season change. I love the imagery. There’s a sense of resounding calm that is just warm and fuzzy.
    “Let blushing colors sing you home” Beautiful. One of your most soothing poetry.

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  2. Hi Ali,

    These verses resonated for me, and I quote,

    “from a day of instruments
    that refused to play
    the same song”

    Somewhere in the words, I see at once a glimpse of stubbornness and melancholy.

    Shakti Ghosal

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    1. Shakti,
      Thank you for reflecting back the words that spoke to you in this poem. Somedays can feel loud and out of synch. Nature’s beauty always seems to be able to sing me back to center.
      Wishing you wellness and peace.

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  3. Wow, I absolutely love this! Such a unique take on such a such a common poetry topic. I felt what I have not even accumulated yet from this day about to unfold already being swept out and away from me by your poetic Autumn breeze. ❤

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  4. So beautiful, Ali. The Autumn is when I feel alive! It is a season I look forward to…with it’s beauty, and pace, as we begin the proceeds preparing for winter. The colors give us so much to enjoy as we prepare. I love how you make this process feel like a symphonic musical in my heart. Thank you. 🙏🏻🍁🍂

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    1. Carrie, I greatly appreciate your reflection. I’m glad to hear we’re moving into a season that fills your heart with joy. I look forward to the trees turning to beautiful shades of red and peachy golden. This photo is from last year. Sending you love my friend

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