4:00 am Inquiry – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Whose fault is it?
Were you the one
who left it undone?

Did she really say
say it that way 
or was it just play?

Why didn't you leave
sooner rather than later?
Did it get better?

Was he to blame?
Should I feel shame?

When did it all start 
mattering so much?
Is it ok to touch?

What is there to do?
Are you wondering too?

Where is the starting line now?
What are the rules in play?
Are you even in the race?
Do you want to be?

© Ali Grimshaw 2020

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35 thoughts on “4:00 am Inquiry – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. I like this because the swirling of questions could be about one particular situation or many. It’s interesting to me when people are NOT inquisitive and don’t feel they need the answers. That is not me.

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  2. Those kinds of questions sure won’t help you get back to sleep! Our minds bounce questions like pinballs in a pinball machine, which is cool, just not in the middle of one’s sleep cycle!

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