Poems from the circle

Leave the dirt on....

Messy, scrambled words
Striving for control
    How I am perceived
    How I am received
Oh! You want me to show you

my skinned knee, 
my bruised heart, 
my bad dream?

My words, without my edits,
will show you the twisted, rambling trail
I have taken to get here.

    Are you sure you can keep up?

By Nancy A. Musgrove
I am grateful for Nancy’s permission 
to share her poem from the writing 
circle here. I continue to meet 
amazing women across different time 
zones. Writing together provides a 
mirror for us to process life in a 
safe place where we have all agreed 
to listen with compassion. 
Interested in joining a writing circle? 
Email met at coaching@aligrimshaw.com

17 thoughts on “Poems from the circle

  1. What can be better than meeting ( in virtual world) artists and poets from different parts of the planet and supporting each other? Thanks for sharing Nancy’s poem. I adored the use of words and imagery painted with them. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Aiva,
      Thank you for reading. I will pass your comment on to Nancy. She isn’t a blogger. I want her to know that her words matter to others.
      You are welcome to join me to write anytime it aligns for your timezone. You don’t need to consider yourself a writer or a poet. People, like Nancy, are often surprised by what this process can open up for them.
      Whether this speaks to you or not. It is a blessing to have you follow along on my journey of creating a safe space for people to feel heard. Take care. Ali

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