Poems from the Circle

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“Poetry gives you permission to feel.” – James Autry

At this time of shifting circumstances the work of my heart is to lead small online groups. I have received a clear message from participants that the writing circles are meeting a need to be heard and to process their thoughts through writing. Below is one of the poems that came from a recent writing circle. Thank you Chere Weiss for granting me permission to share it here. If you are seeking connection within a safe space consider writing with me on one of the dates listed below. No matter where you are, take care of your heart, don’t give up. The world needs your light.

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Writing for Renewal: Poetry Reflection Circle, 6/4, 7:00 PM PDT

Writing For Renewal: Poetry and Reflection Circle 6/17, 9:30 am PDT

Motherhood Explored: Women’s Writing Circle, 6/13, 10:30 AM

PDTMotherhood Explored: Women’s Writing Circle, 6/16, 7:00 PM PDT

Quarantine in Spring By Chere Weiss, April 15, 2020

The world as we knew it has imploded,
people are dying, we are afraid.
Stuck inside our houses we are; helpless, bored, sad, restless and annoyed.
Everyone is wounded, or grieving.
What day is it? It’s the day I woke up again.
It’s the day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow.
I am helpless and then a bird comes while I sit outside,
he is small and fierce with his song. So delicate, he sings so hard his body vibrates.
The cherry tree in front is snowing pink petals,
they coat my walkway and follow me into the house.
I am helpless and still my tulips stand tall,
closed tight teasing me with anticipation.
Every day I have no power, eager as a kid on Christmas morning
waiting for them to bloom.
I planted those tulips. They will open when they are damn good and ready
and their colors will astonish me.

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Past participants have shared this about my writing circles.

“Thank you for your loving energy, leading us to a place within ourselves that we either didn’t know was there or had been untapped for sometime. Your deep listening is a gift, and I feel held in it.” – Carrie
“I loved it all. Meeting new people and seeing the similarities between us. This also opened me up to a broader feeling of gratitude.” – Mary
“I loved your focus on being intentional, hearing the voices of other women and your positive energy. You are a light and an inspiration.” – Diane

Poems from the Circle

As I continue to lead writing circles, I am inspired by the hearts and generous listening of others. Every time I write with others I am changed and lifted by the experience. Here in this space I am calling, Poems from the Circle, I will be sharing poems written by participants of my writing circles. We are stronger when we lean on and learn from each other. This poem is from Kelley Morris. I appreciate her willingness to share it here.

Silent River

Standing on the bank
All seems quiet
Water slowly
Drifts by
The movement
Difficult to perceive
I must be still
Listen closely
Only then
Will the river
Tell its stories
Of past travels
Around winding turns
Along cool stretches
Over rough rapids
Crashing past sharp rocks
Curiously chasing
The path ahead
Until finally
A free fall
Plunging to the
Clear pool below
Briefly resting
But never stopping
And now, it carries
My reflection while
Telling its story-
We have a lot in common
This silent river
And me

By Kelley Morris

You can find more of Kelly’s poems on her blog – pianogirlthoughts.com