Poems from the circle

Now is the only time that matters 

Say goodbye to what is gone. 
No matter its importance then 
now is a new beginning. 

We get attached to our words, 
to-do lists, the shoulds and woulds 
that we tell ourselves. 

They keep us tied to the past. 
Fill us with regret and doubt 
for the next step forward. 

Now is the only time that matters.

By Val Boyko

I am grateful for Val's permission to share her poem from a recent writing circle. You can find more of her poems and yoga offerings here, www.FindYourMiddleGround.com. It has been an amazing to write with Val across the many miles, hear her experiences and find connection with someone who started out as a stranger and now is a friend.

I continue to meet big-hearted humans across different time zones. Writing together provides a mirror for us to process life in a place where we have all agreed to listen with compassion. Come join us for a writing circle.

Write Yourself: Reflection Through Poetry
Saturday, January 29, 2022
Click HERE for more information and registration.
No experience needed. All voices welcome.

Photo taken at Smith Rock State Park

13 thoughts on “Poems from the circle

    1. Ann,
      I believe that poetry lives inside all of us. Val is a bright light and it has been a joy to write with her. I agree that her blog is a treasure.
      Maybe you’d like to try writing with us sometime. You might surprise yourself.
      Wishing you a beautiful day.

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