My Light is Shining

I am honored to have my poem, Sidewalk Gallery, included in this anthology alongside many other poets that I adore. Thank you, Brian Geiger, for the opportunity to share my words.

From the publisher: “From a shaft of sunlight warming the kitchen floor to a lush forest by Walden pond, what is it about experiencing nature that pleases and fulfills us? In the third volume of the Vita Brevis Poetry Anthology, established and emerging poets from around the world show what nature means to them. This is nature poetry at its most precise and moving, continuing the long tradition of Transcendentalism, deciphering ourselves and the world that sustains us — with art.”

You can find Nothing Divine Dies here in paperback and ebook.


19 thoughts on “My Light is Shining

    1. Thanks for the cheer, Louise. I am so thrilled to be included in all three of the Vita Brevis anthologies so far.
      I’m looking forward to writing with you again soon. Hope you are well and painting.


  1. What a coincidence; I was re-perusing my copy just this morning and read (once again) your fine fallen-leaf poem and (once again) greatly admiring that (very final) closing wet cement line.
    I was lucky enough to be included in this one as well. We’re both in some great company, eh?

    I remembered you had a piece in Vol II, as well, so I went back & checked out “What Matters Most” & was once again blown away.

    Congrats, Sister. Write on!

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    1. Ron,
      I am honored by the time you have spent with my poems. Thank you.
      Now I am going to go look up yours and read it with a cup of tea. I treasure the way a poem offers a slowing down during my days in this everchanging world.
      Congratulations on having your voice included in the anthology. I have followed Brian since he started as a blogger and he has done a great job of supporting poetry.
      Be well and keep shining your light.


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