Poems from the Circle

Where to Write From

You might think that
to be a poet
you must have a 
way with words
You can keep thinking that
more room for me
You might think you 
must reach way down 
in the weeds
pulling out muddy roots
from your sodden brain
or recall in detail
places of distinction
You might think you 
must go heart searching
to find phenomenal
fodder for verse
or have personal connections
with the waves, the sun, 
the moon and the stars
There are those 
who have done that
But really you might be
content to write frilly froth
of fabled fellows
Or maybe, just maybe 
you’ll surprise yourself, 
crawl down deep like an 
a spelunking explorer
to places in yourself
you haven’t been
or yet even noticed 

By Lilli Ann Carey

I am grateful for Lilli Ann's permission to share her poem 
from a recent writing circle. Writing together provides a 
mirror for us to process life in a safe place. Each of us has
words that matter. Within the writing circle we nourish them.
Curious? Email met at coaching@aligrimshaw.com


17 thoughts on “Poems from the Circle

    1. Thanks, Jazz. I will share your response with her. Glad to hear it inspired you. It inspired everyone in the circle that night. That is another part of writing together that I love, watching someone’s words light up others.
      Take good care.

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  1. Your circles are so full of magic and creative sparks flying and poetic juices flowing Ali. I have soooo enjoyed being part of them. They’ve helped me step with confidence into my poetic voice and to let go of my fear of being seen as ‘a poetess’.

    Much gratitude for you and everyone in the circle.

    And I remember the night Lilli Ann wrote this one – it was profound and moving then and equally so in its sharing here.

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    1. Louise,

      I am honored by each and every person that trusts me to hold sacred space for their words to come forth. It is a small jump that can make big waves for all of us. Thank you for continuing to dive in by listening to your voice and sharing your journey on your blog.

      I am sending you light and flowering breezes,

      Liked by 1 person

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