Poems from the Circle

Louise Gallagher – Dareboldly.com

My dream is to create a safe space for you to explore the words that live inside you. Holding this listening space is one of the times I feel most alive. Our lives are enriched by reflectively listening to ourselves and others. It takes courage to reveal yourself and it is worth it.

Louise Gallagher is yet another amazing human that I wouldn’t have met without her taking a chance to share in the circle. Thank you, Louise, for your permission to share your artful poem here. It has been a gift to hear your words arrive and observe them unfurling over the past several weeks. Louise is a creativity activist, visual story-teller, mixed-media artist, writer, mentor, coach. You can find more of her poetry and beautiful creations at dareboldly.com

Writing together provides a mirror for us to process life in a safe place. Click here for information about my next Sunday writing circle.


13 thoughts on “Poems from the Circle

  1. Dear Ali, your grace and light make not just the circle a safe and courageous space to flow and be moved by words and hearts opening wide, it makes the world a more beautiful place.

    Thank you for sharing my words and art here and for being such a bright light on my path. many hugs! See you Wednesday. ❤

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    1. Louise,
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience of the circle here. What an honor it is to hold space for you and the others in your group. I will copying this to save as a reminder of what we are creating together.

      I adore your bright colors and poems of bright joy.

      Hugs and safekeeping,


  2. Thank you Ali, for hosting these wondrously creative ‘Writing Circle’ meetings, and i am now, because of the ‘writing circle’, a follower of Louise’s fabulous site..> dareboldly.com

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    1. Ivor, I have enjoyed listening to your words come forth in the writing circle. Connecting people who value poetry and writing from different countries is something that lights me up. Thank you for joining in.
      Great to hear you looked up Louise.
      Have a marvelous day.

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