Poems from the Circle


Can I still declare I am becoming?
There are no vast tomorrows in my future
Imagining The Creator 
Does He still admire his handiwork?
No longer does my body bear fruit
my womb barely remembers giving life
stretch marks have become old road markers 
now rendered dusty, leading nowhere
my thoughts at times confuse me
I leave out words wondering
where do they disappear
Between my mind and fingers in motion
hair on my head, now strands resembling
common condiments pay homage to seasoned memories
what few remain allowed to go their own way
they have known submission
followed each latest hair trend
yet, I continue occupying this body
it no longer needs to become
acceptance of time confirms I am still here alive
nothing thrown at me forced me to recoil
never once did I resolve to ever just look back.

By Aissatou Sunjata 5/7/21

I am grateful for Aissatou’s permission to share her poem from the writing circle. I continue to meet amazing women across different time zones. Writing together provides a mirror for us to process life in a place where we have all agreed to listen with compassion. Come join us for a writing circle. 

Self-Compassion Through Poetry: Writing Circle Friday, May 21, 8:30 am PDT. Register here

12 thoughts on “Poems from the Circle

    1. Carrie,
      This poem touched my heart and I am grateful that others will be able to experience it. Writing together offers an opportunity for us to connect and learn from each other. Thanks for writing with me. Have a joyous day.


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