Poems from the Circle


Lying on a bed
Of soft clover
And gentle ferns
I gaze up at you-
As your limbs
Reach to the sky
I cover my eyes
In an attempt
To shade from
The sunlight
Streaming down-
Noticing my
Squinting eyes
You quietly call
The gentle breeze
To craft a lovely canopy
From green leaves
Allowing me to
Once again
See you clearly-
Here we stay
Until the sun
Begins to set
Until you
Reach down
Lift me up
And tenderly
Place me
In the crook
Of your strong branch-
I rest my head
In peaceful sleep

By Kelley Morris

I am grateful for Kelley's permission to share her poem from a recent writing circle. I continue to meet amazing women across different time zones. You can find more of her poems on her blog, pianogirlthoughts.com

Writing together provides a mirror for us to process life in a place where we have all agreed to listen with compassion. Come join us for a writing circle. No experience needed. All voices are welcome.

Self-Compassion Through Poetry: Writing Circle, Friday, August 13, 9:30 – 11:00 am PDT. Register here


17 thoughts on “Poems from the Circle

  1. Thanks for sharing Kelley’s poem, Ali. I enjoyed reading it. As VJ said, her poem really set the mood, especially for a slow afternoon in nature under tall trees in the summer. Beautifully written, Kelley 🙂

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