Jumping into August – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Dipping skinny-style, screaming out in glee, we entered the river to revive. Jumping away from the heated August afternoon only to return to the warm rocks and bask like turtles. Then followed hours of our rinse and repeat cycle as sunlight slid down the river. Summer freedom was its own kind of happy. Without the constraints of parents or the weight of planning for the future to come. We flew through the air trusting the pools to welcome us with a generosity that had held so many before our time. There were no thoughts of tomorrow.

bubbled free
water nymphs laze

©Ali Grimshaw 2021

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37 thoughts on “Jumping into August – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Your words describe a carefree summer very aptly, Ali. They remind me of summer days where I don’t have to work and do as I please, enjoying the warmth and taking things slow – ‘bubbled free’ is a great way to describe this. I also like the image you chose to go along with your words. That water feels cool even through my screen, and the colourful koi fish gives a playful feel. The koi fish is a symbol of love and friendship, and for many of us that’s what summer can be about

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    1. Mabel,
      How wonderful to hear from you. When I took that photo I intentionally made sure to include the fish painted on the bridge. I didn’t know that it is a symbol of love and friendship. That makes it even better. There is a waterfall near this bridge with a deep pool. It is a divine place to swim on a hot day.
      I am focusing on the good to balance all the challenges that we and our planet are facing right now.
      I hope you are well and finding ways to fill your heart.


      1. It really is a great photo with the fish mural you took. Just fell into place and sets the tone of your words so nicely. Even more lovely there is a waterfall nearby.

        Yes, so many challenges going on int he world right now. I am continuing blogging and writing offline, that has been keeping me going for now 💖

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    1. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this one. Swimming on a hot day is such a joy. I’m grateful for each of the beautiful rivers that I’ve been able to visit in my lifetime. Take care and have a wonderful day

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  2. This hits so deep and I love it. Brings me back to those days of care-free summer, no worries, nothing at all. The biggest thing for me was talking to my friends and playing video games with all that free time. Good times. 😀 It brings a smile to my face when I re-read this because I’m taken back to the beauty of summer and the freedoms it promised. So beautiful and profound.

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    1. Lucy,
      It makes me smile to hear the good memories of care-free summer days came back to you with this poem. I love that a poem can presence joy especially on challenging days.
      Keep sharing your poetry. Keep shining your light.

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