Poems from the Circle

To Know You by Kelley Morris

Oh, that I would not
Miss the chance
To know you
Past your likes
Past your dislikes
The chance
To offer time
As a gift for us both-
After all, that is
The only way
We truly connect
The same space
In the physical
In the technological
Either has the ability
To spark the same magic
Oh, that I would not
Miss the chance
To know you
Due to the foolishness
Of a word
Such as busy-
Is there really such a thing, anyway?

I am grateful for Kelley's permission to share her poem from a recent writing circle. You can find more of her poems here, pianogirlthoughts.com. Kelley lives in Oklahoma, I in Oregon. I never would have had the chance to know her if she hadn't joined a writing circle. It has been an amazing to write with her across the many miles, hear her experiences and find connection with someone who started out as a stranger and now is a friend.

I continue to meet big-hearted humans across different time zones. Writing together provides a mirror for us to process life in a place where we have all agreed to listen with compassion. Come join us for a writing circle. No experience needed. All voices are welcome.

Photo taken November 2021, Bozeman, Montana.

13 thoughts on “Poems from the Circle

  1. Beautiful poem by Kelley and thank you for sharing her poem, Ali. It is so true we connect with each other, and connect beyond the surface, when we give each other our time. Wonderfully said by Kelley.

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