When Comes The Night

after the sordid day
rain recalls the language of music

and I go, leaving frenzied voices behind
to bed beneath magnetic star spray

to see above the thousands
while I hear the lake moon moan

when can I live life
as ripe peach sky?

© Ali Grimshaw 2020
dVerse Quadrille - Poetical Magnetism

I have never liked crossword puzzles but I got a kick out of this magnetic poetry site. What a fun way to play with word use.
Check it out here. magnetic poetry

23 thoughts on “When Comes The Night

    1. Shanyu,
      How wonderful to wake up to this message from you. It is one of the best parts of technology that you can read my words and I can make yours. Thank you.


    1. Carrie,
      I really enjoyed the challenge of using the words given and moving them around. This final poem was a rewrite of the magnetic poem I wrote. I wanted to share a picture of it but I couldn’t figure out how. Definitely give it a try and let me know what you think.
      Love to you my friend.

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