Poems from the Circle

Brooklyn Bridge 2019


I see the sky,
the blue, the cloud; and
at night, the stars,
the moon, the planets.

You see the sky,
don’t you?
the same sky…yes?

Could it be, that
although the miles,
our experiences,
separate us…
we are still connected?

We are the same.
you are here and I am there,
or I am here and you are there.

The same sky…wherever we are.

Carrie Cannady
October 14, 2020
You can find more of Carrie's poems 
and reflective wisdom 
here at Leadourlives.net
I am grateful for Carrie’s permission 
to share her poem from the writing 
circle here. I continue to meet 
amazing women across different time 
zones. Writing together provides a 
mirror for us to process life in a 
safe place where we have all agreed 
to listen with compassion. 
Interested in joining a writing circle? 
Email met at coaching@aligrimshaw.com

16 thoughts on “Poems from the Circle

  1. Lovely poem by Carrie and thanks for sharing this one, Ali. The sky is one piece all over the world. Yet it can look so different wherever we are…and at the same time yes, we are looking at the same thing – can’t see each other but really, we are all one on this planet. Beautifully written.

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  2. Ali, thank you for posting my poem. I am reminded as I re-read it here, of just how sometimes, the simplest words can convey so much…and remind us all of the connection we share – even when we forget, or haven’t gotten to the place of this knowing in our lives. Thank you for the opportunity to write with you and the others in the group. I continue to be amazed and surprised at just what appears on the page.

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    1. I am privileged to be able to write with so many amazing people like you and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share your poem here. I hope to create even more connections between people far and wide. We may not be so different than we think we are.

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