Transition – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

What happiness can arrive
when sunlight's retreat paints

 leaves cherry crush, berry swirl
 butterscotch eye candy

 walking through an ordinary Monday
 your hand in mine, we breathe the awe
street lined masterpieces
colored by a lack of chlorophyll

 less of something  
 created more today

© Ali Grimshaw 2020
dVerse Quadrille
Portland, Oregon 2020

25 thoughts on “Transition – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. I loved your poem so much, I had to read it out loud twice 😀 your words instantly lifted me up and reminded me to enjoy the time we have on this Earth. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Aiva,
      A second read is a wonderful compliment. I am so glad to hear that this poem brought lift to your day. Nature’s beauty is always nourishing to my spirit. Keep sharing your photos. I enjoy them greatly.

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  2. LOVE everything about this. I am smiling 🙂 Happiness is this post!
    “butterscotch eye candy LOVE these words…and the idea that less of something (chlorophyll) can make more of something (beauty and brilliant colors)!

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