Let’s Carry the Load

In the fog of conflict blinded numbness
we look to the leaders to steer,
peel back disagreement from the windshield.

We wait with held breath for a directive to follow
while voices clash, a radio screech between stations
unwilling to tune in to clarity.

We hope for a brilliant leader to put on a pedestal
of responsibility, like the GPS we depend on to find our way
the one who will hold the key to making it all go away.

Let's reach into our own pockets.

What if the driver we seek is us?

Not singular
but each, all

The many 

© Ali Grimshaw 2020

Let’s give thanks for poll workers, 
Stacey Abrams, fact-checkers — 
and the weather Thank you to every 
single person who helped to provide 
others with the opportunity to vote in 
our recent election. Together we can, 
yes we can, keep democracy alive. 
Thank you Joe Biden.

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39 thoughts on “Let’s Carry the Load

  1. Beautiful, Ali. It takes so much courage and determination to heal your country – and the world. We hear frightening things of how Mr T tries to win back with lies and threateing his own people. I hope he will not succeed. What kind of constitution is it if that is made possible? I hope for the world, and so does the whole of Europe and many more countries and people.
    Stand together for truth and honesty. Make the Good win.

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    1. The USA has never had a president challenge the status quo and lie like Pres. T. I look forward to new leadership. Thank you for your support. It will take all of us in the USA to listen and reach out to heal our country.


  2. Beautiful poem, Ali. You have woven into these words the love and hope that we feel. It IS up to us, working with those who see a bigger, brighter way forward. As we hold that light in our hearts, together we will walk forward…and maybe even pick up some who feel lost, along the way.

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  3. You say it so well here. We need to all step up and care for one another. The division is the evil. My 15 year old son even commented that he hates politics and our children are learning from us. We need to teach them better.

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  4. I think what I dislike about politics most is our tendency to look for a leader who we believe is perfect and who will fix everything for us, and to whom we give absolute power. Because that person doesn’t exist and no one deserves absolute power. If we want things to be better, we need to do that work ourselves. Thank you for this poem…it touched a chord with me!

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  5. This is such a great poem, Ali. All of us have ethical responsibilities that should guide us how we interact with other people. We should seek to promote the common good for all individuals. Showing respect for others, empathizing and supporting each other are just a few things we all can do so we can stand united. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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    1. Aiva,
      I appreciate your response. I am thankful for the journey to write with people from other countries. It provides perspective that is valuable for all of us. We are all connected here on this Earth. Technology is providing an opportunity for us to listen and understand each of if we choose to do so.
      Thanks for your blogging friendship. Someday I will be able to go on one of your recommended journeys. It is a happy thought.
      Take care,

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