As the World Burns Anthology – Indie Blu(e) Publishing

It is an honor to have poems included alongside many wonderful poets in the new anthology, As the World Burns: Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad, available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.

Many thanks to the editors, Kindra M. Austin, Candice Louisa Daquin, Rachel Finch, and Christine E. Ray for putting this book together.

“We speak with many voices, to the damage wrought in these violent, fevered months. Let us never forget or turn away, from what is just, what is necessary, to keep light alive in this world.”

Check out more from Indie Blu(e) here.


19 thoughts on “As the World Burns Anthology – Indie Blu(e) Publishing

  1. I ordered my copies yesterday and can’t wait to see the finished product! This was a great work of masterful art for which to write. I’ll be happy to see your work in it, Ali!

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    1. Thanks trE. I would appreciate hearing your response to my poems. It is always interesting to hear what others find in a poem.
      I just got my copy and I am enjoying it. I appreciate all the work put into this to gather a variety of voices.
      Wishing you wellness during this interesting time.

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