Weather Forecast – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

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Light does not fall on us equally.
There are hours of gentle illumination, while some remain in shadow.
Random flashes which leave you for no reason at the front of the line.
Or the end, randomly burned, scorched,
with head shaking disbelief. Tranquil dusk light on leaves.
Other days blinded into paralysis, unable to see a way forward.

I remain in a thundercloud waiting room, counting shadows like minutes.
Weatherizing my soul before the next hurricane.
Steadfast, determined in my stance, for a return of the glow
In stillness it will find me.
Sun’s warm hand on my back again.
This too shall pass

Ali Grimshaw 2017

Weather Forecast was first published on Vita Brevis 
Vita Brevis Press is a bestselling small publisher dedicated
to emerging and established poets, circulating their work 
in an online magazine and in physical anthologies.  

36 thoughts on “Weather Forecast – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

      1. Big hugs back Ali. I’ve not been as active on WP in terms of reading so it was lovely to catch up a little. Hope you’re staying well. Lots of love to you. xx ✨

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    1. Thank you, Ann. I was surprised when I reread this poem recently how it seemed to speak to this place in time. I wonder how this will change or stay the same if I read it again in 5 years?
      Stay heathy and keep shining your light.


    1. Carrie,
      Thank you for continuing to read my words. I am grateful each time I hear from you. Although I am not a professional photographer, I do enjoy the challenge of finding a photo to match the expression of the poem. I maybe digging deep into old photos soon since I haven’t been traveling.
      I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Sending you love and light.

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  1. Your words are like the weather charts
    Windy circles and sunny parts
    Dotted isobars blowing over old landmarks
    Bold fronts and false starts
    Yesterdays storms, pieces of dark art
    That pass through our hearts

    Haha Ali, I’ve just saved these words into my ‘notebook’

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      1. You’ve inspired me Ali, I’ve expanded on my words and written a little poem for you, and I’ll post it on my site later on….

        Yesterday’s Storms

        today words fell off the weatherman’s chart
        some misty clouds with rainbow arcs
        there will be windy circles and sunny parts
        dotted isobars will blow over old landmarks
        bringing bold fronts and false starts
        with possible heavy rain and lightning darts
        and yesterday’s storms were pieces of dark art
        that passed through our hearts

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