Encountering a Listener – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night – Gibran

 when your words unchanged return, are heard
 when your song, echoed notes of hue, comes back to you
 when belonging becomes your word
 a melting occurs, gray absorbed by blue
 watercoloring you into the canvas of all
 becoming whole, no longer fearing the fall 

 Then all the colors of you are revealed
 poured forth onto the listening canvas
 of this moment. 

© Ali Grimshaw 2020

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62 thoughts on “Encountering a Listener – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Hi Ali, I agree with all the lovely compliments about your poem. You have a talent for well-chosen words. I am curious about the glass building picture choice. Is it suppose to symbolize the achievement of fitting in and being heard? The glass appears fluid yet I can’t help but think how trapped and unheard one can feel in competitive workspace of a high rise.

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    1. Carolyn,
      I appreciate the reflective attention you have given my photo. It is so interesting to hear your thoughts. I chose it because of the watercolor-like reflection it shows on the building. It made me think about how reflective listening.
      I hope you will continue to send questions my way. I adore curiosity.
      Take care.


    1. What a heart felt reflection you have left here for me.! It is one that speaks to me. Sometimes the tears are just there, just because.
      Thank you for this gift to my day.
      May your brushes continue to be inspired by all that it means to be you.

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      1. Thank you for taking the time to fully receive my message with careful listening.
        I am really enjoying reading your poems. You have a beautiful way with your words.
        Keep shining your light.

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  2. To be heard by a listener and accepted is one of the most cherished interactions humans can do. Being a good listener is a spiritual attribute. How do I know this? Because God is a good listener. Glad you chose the topic you did for your poem, Ali.

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    1. Debi,
      To be heard in understanding is the experience of becoming visible in the eyes of the listener. That is a beautiful reflection.
      If I didn’t receive what you sent please correct me by expanding on this. I want to hear you. I appreciate your response greatly.

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      1. I think you received well. We tend to meet on such superficial levels, never really hearing the innerness of another person and in that way we sort of dismiss people from out thought. They don’t exist except in that brief moment of meeting. Now, that probably really confused the issue. Ha, Thank you though for hearing me and making me visible.

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    1. Sanaarizvi,
      I appreciate that you found a deep connection in this. You are the only one to reflect back that line so far. I am curious about our sense of belonging and how it occurs.
      Thanks for reading. Be well.


    1. Ingrid,
      After reading so many of the other poems written from this prompt I thought that mine was not really on topic. But, well, I not always one to stay on topic.
      I always enjoy reading what you and others write. Keep on sharing.

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    1. Laura,
      Thank you for seeing value in my short poems.
      I appreciate your reflection.
      Thank you for the prompt that got me going with pen to paper. I haven’t been writing as much lately. The dVerse community is a wonderful group.


  3. A beautiful summing up of why we are part of on-line writers’ communities, Ali, to encounter at least one listener. I love the lines:
    ‘a melting occurs, gray absorbed by blue
    watercoloring you into the canvas of all’.

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    1. Thank you, Kim. I truly love hearing the words that speak to you most. Sometimes I wish I could paint the feelings instead of trying to find the words. But maybe in seeking the words it leads me to a deeper understanding.

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    1. Rob,
      I appreciate you reflecting back the line that most spoke to you. I am especially curious about when people feel heard. Listening to others is dear to my heart.
      Stay warm and well.


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