Solstice Lanterns – Poem by Ali Grimshaw


When the crack widens to an unknown view
fear can squeeze in between rough edges 

slide to expand like a balloon of darkness
a barricade of shadow to seal the entrance.

Yet seekers of light will never be fooled by tricks of perspective
their wisdom of the season's shifting songs sing them forward.

Eyes of love, illumination for all
allowing forgiveness to set another place at the table

where lanterns burn long into the night.

 © Ali Grimshaw 2022

12 thoughts on “Solstice Lanterns – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

    1. Andrea,
      Thank you for reading and reflecting back the light you found in my poem.
      I wonder how many poems contain some form of the word light in them? It is a question that I am curious about and glad that I cannot answer. It makes the pondering more delicious.
      Take care.

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  1. lit the candle
    and the taper
    cos the wick was low
    and so i know
    to rekindle the flame
    takes sage and caution
    like love
    and water
    your daughter
    son know
    the seeds of love
    so sow them well~

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