Poems from the Circle


I knew I was not up to it
this thing called life.
I was as if nameless
not seen and without 
countenance or provenance
And so from the beginning
I have been curious
with what I could be
even who I could be.
It’s been a road.
But what a delight 
finding out.
What blissful joy
to discover the secrets of oneself.
To see the patchwork 
patterns revealed.
Even moments of brilliance.
I look on with wonder
and I ponder 
where do you suppose
all that life came from?

By Lilli Ann Carey
I am grateful for Lilli Ann's permission to share her poem 
from a recent writing circle. Writing together provides a 
mirror for us to process life in a safe place. 
Curious about writing yourself forward as 2021 unfolds?
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