If – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

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46 thoughts on “If – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Poetry in different ways tell us so little and so much about a person. It tells our preferences, our passions, but it doesn’t divulge the source at times or the affections we may feel directly; but I think the difference lies in how we communicate. If communicating or adding poetry to life, it may be a more honest world. We communicate in different tones to be analyzed, we can figure it out like puzzle pieces (or not) and perhaps still not get it one-hundred percent right.

    Such are people, very confusion if we read every line and delve into it. Though it is more honest and upfront. Poetry makes the world a better place, but if life could have poetry as our speech we may be more honest for it. ❤ ❤

    A beautifully written and thoughtful piece. It is sad and solemn, but you have given me a lot to reflect over tonight. This will be stirring within me for a bit.

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    1. Lucy
      I appreciate your thoughts. I find that poetry slows us down and offers an opportunity to be present. I see this happen in the writing circles I lead. I the love deep listening that evolves in these spaces.
      Isn’t it wonderful that poetry is showing up more and more in main stream media. Even though I don’t watch the Super Bowl I think it’s amazing that Amanda Gorman performed poem there.
      Thank you for the time you spent pondering my poem

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  2. This is such a gorgeous poem, Ali! 😀 I love the idea of “if we brought poetry to conversation, what would we hear?” I imagine the world would be a more empathetic place 💝💝

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  3. There is poetry in everything, and you’ve hinted at that in this poem, Ali. I like the way it is structured with questions and love the use of sound to explore some of the negatives of life: the ‘moan of wind escaping our arguments’, the trickle of water in the pipes, voices overrunning each other with ‘lawnmower loudness’ – great use of alliteration too! Yes, most people have to look for poetry while we poets know it’s there.

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  4. I like the light and the shadow in this. Sometimes poets don’t realize how powerfully the words can affect others and sometimes one realizes how weak they are to poetry’s effects. I felt some poems this week that affected me very poorly and that’s an important barometer for me to acknowledge.

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    1. Poems can touch us in such an emotional way. They can bring back memories. They can bring forth feelings that have been buried. They can make us feel less alone.
      One part I love about facilitating writing circles is the opportunity to reflect with others on what a poem brings forth for them. It is always a fascinating conversation and very different from analyzing a poem.
      Stay warm,

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  5. Poetry has the ability to open our minds. Whether deception or truth, we may find thoughts we may not understand or agree with, but just as often we may find an understanding that might otherwise escape us. And, just as well, they allow us to offer a perspective that does the same.

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    1. I am glad to hear that these words inspired. Poetry can open doors that have been closed for many, many years.
      Let me know if you would like to connect over Zoom to write with me. It would be fun to meet you and hear more about what inspires you to write. If you are interested you can email me at coaching@aligrimshaw.com.
      Take good care,


  6. This captures the inner tug-of-war many are struggling with … like today driving through scenic rural terrain and suddenly brought up short from tranquility by a pair of anti-Biden flags (will spare you the precise wording) someone spent a good bit of money to mount at the gate to their property… There is a real person involved, in real need of some opening of heart and mind … could poetry help here? (Tempting to drive in and say hello … ) Maybe I’ll write a poem and send it …

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    1. Jazz,
      Thank you for sharing this reflection back from your drive today. Poetry can be a bridge. I am focusing on listening to understand. I don’t know the answers but listening always seems to be a good first step.
      Wherever you end up next I hope you enjoy the view. There are so many beautiful places to visit in the U.S. Take care,

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