Unexpected joy – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

a gathering of cells
multiplying magnificent

a seed inside 
breathing being 
and no one even knew

that you had begun

small magic 
happening inside the womb 

she went about her day 
hanging laundry
in her quiet way

while the message of you 

© Ali Grimshaw 2021

An early Mother's Day poem.

Quadrille Monday on dVerse

55 thoughts on “Unexpected joy – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. What a beautiful poem for Mother’s Day Ali. Gentle and perfectly penned and the last line was magic, just like the miracle of motherhood. 💜


  2. Embryonically good, AG. I’m cheering so loud it’s almost ultrasonic.
    (And please allow me to take this opportunity to also applaud What Matters Most, your contribution to the Brought To Sight / Swept Away Anthology about Time, which just arrived in my mailbox. Kudos, Sister!)

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    1. Ron, I love this “embryonically good” That cracked me up.
      Thank you so much for the acknowledgment of my poem in Brought to Sight/ Swept Away and for purchasing a copy. I am so honored to have it included. It is a poem I am fond of and it makes my day to know that it reached you.


  3. I love your quadrille of unexpected joy, Ali, a tribute to mothers everywhere. I love the lines:
    ‘she went about her day
    hanging laundry
    in her quiet way’,
    no fuss, just letting the message grow.

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    1. Thank you for reflecting back. I always appreciate hearing the lines that speak to other people. It’s interesting because I was thinking that the woman didn’t know she was pregnant yet.❤️

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