invasive species – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

it may 
seem obvious 
but once you begin 
tangles will grow
a lie's life all it's own
vines wound round
tightened with retelling
knotted numbers of mistruths
curled to choke 
your heart 
from the inside out 
disrupting the ecosystem 
of yourself
edging toward

©Ali Grimshaw 2021

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47 thoughts on “invasive species – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. This is deeply thought-provoking, Ali! I am especially moved by; “curled to choke your heart from the inside out disrupting the ecosystem of yourself.”💝💝

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  2. “disrupting the ecosystem” of the self….oh yes indeed. Lies do this! What is that saying? What a tangled web we weave….when we deceive. It does indeed get harder and harder to “maintain” the lie. Good use of the prompt!

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  3. What great imagery! I’ve never thought of lies as invasive, but you’re absolutely right. They are the the invasive plant that chokes out so much of the good in us. I love how you manage to take a simple truth and present it in such a beautiful way.

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  4. Now I’m all in a tangled mess, tangled webs, tangled roots, and tangled vines, I’ll need to slowly ebb my way out, through the passionfruits, and duck under the overhead clothes line..

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    1. Thanks, Helen. I took this photo in Kauai on the muddiest trail I have hiked so far. My husband and I both thought the view from the top was worth the trouble.
      I am fond of the quadrille. I prefer shorter poems.

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