Airborne – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

releasing herself
to the sky
to feel the lift 
let her weight trust 
in the invisible 
courage of currents 

surf soaring free 
up, over and through
this unexpected windscape
surrendering her need 
to know
to resolve
to figure it out 

arms wide, in full float
with the faith of a bird
that doesn't remember
a day without flight
or a time of being grounded

©Ali Grimshaw 2021

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Photo taken in Bozeman, Montana, USA.


24 thoughts on “Airborne – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

    1. Jane,

      I watch the birds
      wishing to fly
      with their wisdom
      of ariel views

      A little poem just for you. Mother Nature has so much to teach us about love, freedom and being alive.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me today.


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