How I Knew – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

This tastes like the memory
of that simmering summer day.

I held a buttercup flower
under your chin, declaring
with the yellow glow of your skin,

"You like butter."

When you said, "Let me try,"

I knew we would be friends.

You were another
who wanted to see 
the colors for herself.

©Ali Grimshaw 2021

For Eugenia's prompt - Happiness

Give yourself space to let go 
Give yourself time to listen inward
Give yourself freedom to be

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37 thoughts on “How I Knew – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Well done, the nostalgia of this is spot on. We did not know about the buttercup part of it, so we used dandelions. Of course, with older brothers “look up to the sky and open your mouth” was added, upon which said dandelion was shoved into the mouth.

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    1. Mark,
      I laughed out loud reading your response. I can just imagine my brother doing this to me. He even put his dirty socks in my mouth once. Thanks for sharing the version you remember.
      Have a marvelous day.


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