3 Good Things – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

They don't need to be your favorite one.
You don't need to justify them to anyone.

One could arrive before getting out of bed 
or a memory that brings warmth.

One could be a warm shower, the relief of crying 
or standing under a clear sky.

One could be a deep breath, a complete filling of lungs 
or the priviledge of not know what time it is.

A window to a neighbor who grow flowers
or someone who listens when your words stumble. 

Birdsong mornings, soft landings of wooded paths 
freedom to choose, relief of laughter, steady rib bones

to protect a still beating heart.

There are always 3 good things
if you choose them

they are yours
to hold.

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

During the first year of the pandemic I began to paint rocks that said, "3 good things." I left them randomly around my neighborhood as I walked and ran. My intention was to remind myself and those around me to think of "3 good things" in their day. I began to text friends and family asking them to share their "3 good things." Somewhere along the way I forgot about this action. I stopped doing it. Finding this photo today reminded me how simple and rewarding this was. And I am choosing to begin again. If you feel inspired please share your "3 good things" with me.


12 thoughts on “3 Good Things – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. 3 Good Things:

    – the beginning of a new day.

    – a quiet morning with overcast sky, humid light breezes and birds singing as they perch in the tree or the bird feeders nearby.

    – reflecting on the precious friends far away, who feel a heartbeat away in spirit, while sipping a warm cup of tea.

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  2. Thank you for the nudge so poetic ….
    1. Walking a mile on my new hip, pausing only to take photos of neighbors’ blooms
    2. Two kittens 2 months old coming into my life to grow into theirs while enhancing mine
    3. Traveling to Okemah OK for the annual Woody Guthrie Festival in July

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    1. Jazz,
      Thank you for sharing your three good things. Kittens, how fun! I too am looking forward to summer music festivals outside. I am so glad to hear you new hip is helping you to get outside for summer walks.
      Take care.

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