Beckoning – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

turning the page
tilts my story's full, first half

daybreak spills, spreading

past pages highlighted 
scribbled, dog-eared 

moldable mornings
of my middle life

a return route mapped
for when memory fades

my shadow lengthens
I am far past sunrise 

now imagination holds 
the pen 

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

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35 thoughts on “Beckoning – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

      1. Nothing. I’ve written for the last ten years with breaks for child rearing, but I stopped writing anything new over a year ago (except for poetry) because I have too many finished novels that I don’t know what to do with.

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  1. Morning on a page, Ali, is what I have returned to, and I’m so glad! Great use of enjambment in the opening lines, and I love the image of ‘scribbled, dog-eared / moldable mornings’ with ‘a return route mapped / for when memory fades’. I suppose that is what our poems are.

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  2. Oh Ali, I just love this, I’m living it now, last lines. I can’t remember names, people or places. That’s when I want to tell or to know myself. Those names come to me when I’m not needed to know or to tell. We are about to downsize and move where we will have a bit of care. I can still drive and don’t get lost, Mrs. Jim got lost one day, just once. I was told she did, she doesn’t talk about that with me. But she seldom drives anymore. Today she has a hair appointment in the little town next, just a few miles away. I think she’ll be okay.
    We are old and live on the edge of a big city, old is old, 88 now.

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    1. Jim,
      Thank you for letting me know that my words resonated for you. It sounds like you’re doing the best you can to design a life that works for you and Mrs. Wishing you a beautiful day


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