Why write together? – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

because time is slippery
memories mingle with worries 
when the pen lies dormant

because others are mirrors of magnitude
shining back the full spectrum 
of light in each of us

because when was the last time 
you made an appointment to savor 
the words of your own heart?

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

Join me on September 17 for Write Yourself: Poetry Writing Circle

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16 thoughts on “Why write together? – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

    1. Thank you for letting me know that my words reached you today. If you’re curious about writing together let me know. I’m happy to set up a one on one session with you. This is not about selling you anything. I’m happy to do it for free.

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      1. You’re most welcome, Ali. Ah, this is a lovely idea, and invitation, thank you. I would like to learn more. Is there a place on your site I can do that, or, shall we email to discuss?

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    1. Val,
      I will miss writing with you AND I am so thrilled that you will be visiting Italy. I have been there many times and it never disappoints. I hope you will have some wonderful photos to share.
      Travel safe and soak up this new adventure.

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