Living the Questions – By Ali Grimshaw

"If you are faithful to living a question, 
that question will be faithful back to you." 
- Krista Tippett

Living the Questions

Which room do you lie down in most?
The one with a sky blue ceiling of hopefulness
or the backroom with walls of yesterday's old news.

Where do you sit to nourish yourself?
In the peach room of newness 
with windows open to birdsong breezes
or the room of sterile white protection from the outside.

What questions are you feeding yourself
along with your morning tea?

Who will you trust to welcome in
to keep you company 
when you choose to remodel
your next room?

© Alicia Grimshaw 2022

If you only could choose one question
to live into for the next week what would it be?

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12 thoughts on “Living the Questions – By Ali Grimshaw

  1. I love the sliding rooms of mood and thought, so well-described I can easily see them, and the questioning, even of the questions themselves. If I had a question in mind going forward myself, it would probably be: “Can I somehow make this day/week/life better than it seems?”

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    1. Thank you so much for reflecting back your experience of this poem. I appreciate your question. The first step for me is always about noticing. What can I notice in this day to celebrate?☮️


  2. Good question(s) and delicately poised. I remember an old-timer in AA who said, “you have to be careful what you think about,” and the same goes to what questions we ask. As for the ones we live by, I’ll always remember the question asked by Mary Oliver in “Peonies” — “Do you love this life?”

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    1. Great question. Loving the moment that you were given especially if it’s not what you expected is a worthy art form. Thank you for reflecting back to me. Wishing you all good things.


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