Just Because – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

“Just Because,” a poem I wrote in celebration of a life teaching, has been published on MasticadoresUsa. Thank you to the editor, Barbara Leonhard for giving it a home. I hope my words will inspire others to consider stepping into the field of education.

“Just Because” 

I teach them
about the magic eraser of fresh starts
far more valuable than double-digit multiplication
or how to identify an adverb.

You can read the full poem HERE

Planting a tree with my 5th graders back in 1994.


19 thoughts on “Just Because – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Congratulations, Ali. A beautiful poem. Looks like your class was happy to plant a tree. Such a fun way to learn. There is much to be gained from learning, and teaching too. Hope you are doing well 🙂

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    1. Mabel
      Great to hear from you. I can’t believe how many years have past since that photograph. I am very grateful to have taught and to continue to teach. It has been a huge gift in my life.
      Hope you are well and still writing. What topics are on your mind lately?


      1. That is wonderful to hear you like teaching and continue to teach. There is always something to learn. I am still writing. These days I just write what’s on my mind, writing quite intuitively and what inspires me 🙂

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