Let me send my love
to float lightly on the wind.
A force that sails ships across the ocean.
Let my kisses evaporate into the clouds.
When they reach your shore,
love will rain down upon you.
© Ali Grimshaw    2016




Like the filthy inside out sock

squished at the bottom of the hamper

under stench of damp rags.


Life can feel like that place.


Maybe it is time to do some laundry.

There is no rule, no prize for

handling it alone,

an unnecessary isolation.


The borrowed red sweatshirt

arms wide on the top of the mound

is not an accidental reminder of love.


Call. Just call.

Call before you change your mind.

That someone has seen dirt before

and will listen.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

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Nose Above Water

Just enough oxygen.

Not a breath more,

than what is needed

for life to continue.

Her body floats in liquid blue.

Hair feathered out

on the surface like tentacles

reaching for a firm grip,

a holdfast,

to keep from



© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Sending a package

I will write you blue sky

sunlight on yellow flowers.

I will write you a single snowflake

magnified in all its delicate brilliance.

I will write you a cocoon of comfort

a blanket of love you have never known

a full envelope, arriving on the wind, for the day

you need it most.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2016


Photo taken on a family trip to Italy 2016.


Seeking a Brain Transplant

Coveting the minds of others,

organized, tidy, following clear roads.

Traveling to a chosen destination

efficiently arriving on time.

Dreary, weary, defeat haunts her

relapsing into the darkness of a mind off course.

Moving toward an endless horizon

without a line between earth and sky

to distinguish

what hole she fell into

this time.

© Ali Grimshaw






Exiting The Maze

She could think about something else

a distraction from the pain

another new form of an old approach,

all temporary fixes,

that will return her to the same spot in the maze.

Unfortunately familiar torment.

Hands clenched to aching,

nails biting skin,

jaw clenched.

Her body’s defiance to the status quo.

Suffering unnoticed by a hurried world.

“Not this time.” She whispers. “This time

I will make my own exit.”

© Alicia Grimshaw 2016