Nose Above Water

Just enough oxygen.

Not a breath more,

than what is needed

for life to continue.

Her body floats in liquid blue.

Hair feathered out

on the surface like tentacles

reaching for a firm grip,

a holdfast,

to keep from



© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

20 thoughts on “Nose Above Water

  1. I had to be silent for a moment to soak this in. I read it three times. It was me, in a sea of blue chaos. So many ways you can interpret this, at least for me.

    I had to catch my breath a couple of times. Refreshing.

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  2. “A holdfast” – that might be a pretty good definition of poetry. At least for me.

    And it doesn’t have to mean only a metaphorical buoy, rescue rock, or low hanging branch– though these are good when drowning — but also anything that might be solid and lasting in the ever changing current of life.

    I’m going to remember that word. Thanks!

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    1. Albert, this is a fantastic reflection. Poetry is a holdfast for me as well. We all need ways to hold on through the challenging days of life. Thanks for taking the time to reflect back your thoughts.


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