Remove one brick.


© Alicia Grimshaw 2017


Tug of War



According to her internal judge

she was never up to par,

even when crossing the finish line first

accomplishment slid off her skin. Always

gripping, holding on for acceptance.

Yet perplexed separation pained her days.

She wanted belonging

and never wanted to fit in

knew it would change her.

A part broken off to float away irretrievable.

No one else stayed after class to console the bullied teacher.

It never occurred to her not to.

She saw those faces on the fringe,

secretly knowing she was an outlier as well.

She let go of the kinship rope

not to lose herself.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Photo credit to Pixabay – Alberto Barco Figari


Below 32 Degrees

The quiet between us

like floating icebergs

tongues frostbit into stillness

is it that we have forgotten what to say

misplaced our formula to speak,

a habitual slow retreat to safety?

“What are you thinking about?”


I am uncertain how to start the

defrost cycle.

© Ali Grimshaw



What is Left of You

The running shoes you left behind
positioned like you evaporated from them
angled as if deserted mid-step
have me wondering
were you ready
to move on to an unknown life

stuffing skills and memories in a backpack
experiences overflowing from unzipped pockets
your back receding into the distance
I have learned the answer to
Are you ever ready?

© Ali Grimshaw


You may believe that I am with you

facing the sea side by side.

Yet I am hidden away

oceans from this place,

traveling without a suitcase.

My vessel left behind.

I don’t need a ship to carry me

to the places I am visiting.

© Ali Grimshaw



The Path

The path we share sometimes forks.

Here a place to pause among trees.

Conversations in layers like leaves on the forest floor.

Shadows arrive, shake us with views of separate routes.

I kiss your hand with love as I release it.

Fly above the forest if you are called to.

I will not let you deny yourself

to keep us on the same path.

Together we can travel

only if

you will still seek.

© Alicia Grimshaw revised version 2017





While You Were Away

While you were away,

my heart expanded,

exploring new pathways,

journeying inside and out.

My life has grown

and yet I have not lost you.

We are still holding the

same thread,

forever woven,

into both of our hearts.

You never left.

while you were away.

© Ali Grimshaw

Dedicated to my dear friend Kirsten Schwabel and with gratitude to Neha’s blog Forgottenmeadows.