While You Were Away

While you were away,

my heart expanded,

exploring new pathways,

journeying inside and out.

My life has grown

and yet I have not lost you.

We are still holding the

same thread,

forever woven,

into both of our hearts.

You never left.

while you were away.

© Ali Grimshaw

Dedicated to my dear friend Kirsten Schwabel and with gratitude to Neha’s blog Forgottenmeadows.



4 thoughts on “While You Were Away

  1. “You never left.

    while you were away.”

    I am truly honored Ali by this gift. And I agree with every word with my entire heart.


  2. Wow, the whole piece from beginning to end! I feel seen and heard in this piece both just talking about me or talking about me and someone else. Love it.


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