Remove one brick.


© Alicia Grimshaw 2017


20 thoughts on “Remove one brick.

  1. I agree with the other people who have commented on this. I had to read it twice, and even then, I may or may not be getting the exact meaning you intended. But I think that’s what’s great about poetry and all forms of art: we each bring our own unique perspective that influences how we react to the art or words in front of us. For me, this talks about the invisible boundaries that our own experiences build around each of us, and how those boundaries hold us back. But someone else may take it very differently. Good poem, Ali!

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    1. Ann, thanks for the thoughtful response. I am happy that you felt this poem deserved multiple readings. It is most definitely about the invisible barriers created by our stories over time. If if you interpreted another meaning then that was the message meant for you. Take care blogging friend.

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    1. What a compliment to hear that you have spent time with this poem. I agree that poetry offers layers of meaning and that is one reason I like it. Thank you Ivor. Make it a great day.


  2. Alrighty then. Another 3x read. It’s what I find endearing about prose. I have to read it again and again in search of its esoteric meaning. You the writer know exactly what you mean. I the reader, have to figure out what you may mean, and how it might relate/resonate to/with me and my life experiences. Thanks for helping me to expand my mind, and very possibly build a few new brain cells in the doing.

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    1. I love pieces of writing that call me back for multiple readings. Poetry is a puzzle for the heart to feel instead of think your way forward. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it. Whatever you took away from my words was the right meaning for you today.

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