The future of heartbreak

“How do you keep your heart whole?” he asked. “I can’t bear the breaking.”

“You don’t,” she whispered. “Let it crack open,

like a ruby pomegranate full of moments you have been alive.
Tear away the soft sides, let the jeweled pieces scatter.

They will be found.  Picked up by the parched,
carried forward into days where hearts
will be strong enough to break, expand.”

“I am not that strong.” he said, shaking his head.

Tearing off a part of her own heart.

“Take some of my mine, you will be.”

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

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8 thoughts on “The future of heartbreak

  1. This is powerful stuff Ali. Love can be given away without limits, as long as we are strong enough to overcome the fear that some of our given love may not come back. This fear does not make us stronger. What makes us stronger is putting love out into the world.

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    1. Thank you Ritu. I am redefining heartbreak. Letting my heart break open to grow larger. Otherwise the pain of breaking is too much. May our hearts continue to expand. Sending love your way today.

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