Courage rides the train

A different kind of war

happened on the news today

a loud voice of hate met

action, unwillingness to turn away.


When strangers stood unified

against angry intolerance.

Protection provided to those unknown.

Hearts defended the freedom to live without fear

a safety net flung over young ones.


The cost of standing up

to protect the innocent

as the train moves into tomorrow

was life itself.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2017

Dedicated to the men who died last weekend in Portland, Oregon as they stood to defend two young women. My heart breaks for the loved ones of Ricky Best, father of four and US Army veteran, and Taliesan Namkai-Meche a recent college graduate. Micah David-Cole Fletcher is seriously injured. The sadness aches in me. Please join me in acts of kindness wherever you live. Love is the only answer.

For more information read this Washington Post article, ‘Final act of bravery’: Men who were fatally stabbed trying to stop anti-Muslim rants identified



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