To lose you

would be a sea without waves

moan of Winter wind

outside as I lay cold in bed.

To lose you

would be the wilt of wildflowers

a bow of small heads around the globe.

My eyes squeezed shut

effort of not remembering.

To lose you

would be loss for those

yet to hear your hearty chuckle,

low and warm

its own kind of song.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017



25 thoughts on “Remain

    1. Ann, I appreciate hearing your experience of reading this poem. One thing I love about poetry is that the reader brings her own stories from life to the reading. Each poem is experienced differently based on who the reader is. Thanks for reading and for your good wishes.

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  1. A haunting poem. It sounds like it relates to losing someone that you love in a relationship. Then I read your response to Kayla and now I see the poem in a different light. All of us matter to each other in some way. We could matter to someone in a small way, but that small way could be something significant that speaks volumes. It’s like the visuals you mentioned in your poem – we might see the ocean or wildflowers just fleetingly as we pass by. But they will always be there again when we go back, and they will always be in our memories.

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    1. Mabel, I am thankful to say the subject of this poem is still with us and doing better. Thank you for your thoughtful reflection. Each of us matters it just that sometimes we forget this truth.
      May love and kindness fill your day.

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      1. Good to hear the subject is still around, and hope they find purpose. Sometimes to feel better, we just need someone to reach out to us, no matter how small the gesture. Wishing you well, Ali.

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