Please return the glass bowl
the one with the orange lid.

Surely it is empty now, alone
on the shelf or behind the rice jar.

It is not that I am in need,
I just found myself thinking

of its emptiness, a hollow of cold.
Loneliness I wish to fill with warmth of soup.

One spoon of comfort at a time
to refill yourself

on Tuesday night
after the day’s work is done.

© Ali Grimshaw 2017

Campaign to End Loneliness

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18 thoughts on “Replenishment

  1. Like the others said, it is amazing how you bring to life a simple object. Sometimes a simple meal, a simple touch, a simple connection is all we need to make us feel better or not so alone. I also like the specifics in this poem – like the Tuesday night, after a day’s work. Reminds me of how many of us like a routine, go to work, come home, be a homebody and entertain ourselves. For those of us who are alone, sometimes we just want to not just feel replenished, but to feel that comfort and love.

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