The Gift of Chaos


With all that is currently happening in the U.S. and the world, I feel the need to reshare this poem, Visiting With Chaos.There is an opportunity in the messiness of life. Will we choose to be loving learners or give up to fear?

Thank you to Vita Brevis, The Modern Poetry Magazine for publishing my poem. Click on the link to read it. – Visiting With Chaos

Sending love and a reminder that you are not alone.



11 thoughts on “The Gift of Chaos

  1. Yes! Sometimes chaos is actually a good thing, because it opens the doors to new possibilities. The key, I think, is sticking to our values when we decide which new things to embrace.

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  2. Yes, we can learn to sit with chaos … and in so doing, we can learn about factors creating the chaos and possibilities for countering those factors without adding to the overall turmoil. Great poem, and beautiful short poster version. Keepers both!

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