Navigating – Poem by Ali Grimshaw


Never had you loved anyone more
than the one in the bright red raincoat
so visible on the beach of haze.
Like a masterful painting
he drew your eyes in
a beacon of clarity
when the tide of life
got too high.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

Pic and a Word Challenge- Colour


39 thoughts on “Navigating – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. Hi Ali, this is so good! You really are talented as a writer, in that you can make people (at least me) feel what you want them to. As I read, I got the inner sense of navigating through this life with clarity … and a groundedness in what’s on purpose.

    Clarity is one of my key intentions for a coaching program that I’m doing. Started the program a few weeks ago as a next step in my professional development. It’s been profound. LOVE that you write about it here.

    Blessings – thanks for this!

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    1. Laurie, that is a great question. Usually I write a poem and try to find the photo that will match it. But this time I chose the photo first. This was taken on a recent vacation with my family.
      Make it a great day.

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