After what seems like

cocooning within forever darkness

light breaks through.

Each bud tilts toward warmth

layers reveal themselves

open with ease of purpose.

Not because they were told

“It is time.”

facing the sun… their hearts knew.

© Alicia Grimshaw 2018


35 thoughts on “Trust

      1. I think yes, we do. I used to teach martial arts. I used to tell my students that we, like animals, have instincts. But we don’t pay attention to them. We ignore the hair raising, the catch in our breath, the instinct that tells us someone is watching…or to be extra careful. We ignore them, time and time again.

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      2. I wonder how many cultures in the world honor this type of wisdom.? Maybe we could visit and learn from them. It is a interesting pondering for the moment before I return to my ordinary life.


      1. Just like the seasons are forever changing, so go our lives. Sometimes we are in the winter of life, but keep looking forward, spring is coming.

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