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Seeing them together

caused my pause

to write a gift for you

on scraps found. My pen

pulled my hand along

(it is braver than I).

It knows how to lay

my heart wide open,

like a prairie to the sky

nowhere to hide

expansive and still,

miles from adequate

for what I wish to give.

© Ali Grimshaw (rewrite 2019)

d’Verse Open Link Night #238

34 thoughts on “Recycled

    1. I am genuinely touched by your words. What matters most to me is that my poems authentically speak to the experience of being human and with that help the reader to feel connection.

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  1. I liked to image of a poem that scrambled to be written, even just on scraps of paper. Love is the poet’s purview, and you seem comfortable within its grasp.

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  2. Truly lovely, Ali “My heart wide open, like a prairie to the sky…” And such a the;ling last few lines too… Great stuff…

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