Topsy-turvy – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

When green is stop
and red is go
yellow gets confused

and we collapse
into a dogpiled 
a puddle of hilarity

drippings of our whitewashed
cityscape, flowers bowed
or buried
a spot of fallen yellow

©Ali Grimshaw 2022
School is closed today, April 11, because of a snowstorm. What?! The world feels topsi-turvy.


19 thoughts on “Topsy-turvy – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

      1. I just commented on a post about the loss of their Australian summer due to 7 months of torrential rain and flooding events…it’s hard to anticipate a new season in this era of climate change but I’m hopeful, Ali!

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  1. A friend just shared a story of repeatedly breaking the same signal and being caught by the same cop at a busy intersection because she never knew which of the many signals were meant for her 🙂

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