Inherited – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

“What we carry defines who we are. And the effort we make is our legacy.” ~Mitch Albom

I carry
your laugh.
How it starts small, a rolling whisper 
then snowballs to a full round of roaring joy.

I carry
your hands.
How your fingers thread mine
snug and loose at the same time woven.

I carry
your story memories
holding me gently close
while always leaving breathing room
growth space for my expansion.

©Ali Grimshaw 2022

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30 thoughts on “Inherited – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

  1. on a first read, I found the Mitch Alborn quote to be very “heavy” – I found your poem altogether a lovleier, lighter offering. Now I am inviting myself to carry my “stuff” more lightly, more kindly – to leave a gentler legacy.

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    1. I appreciate your honest reflection. I find your intention to “carry my “stuff” more lightly, more kindly” to be a wonderful act of self-care. I write to give and I appreciate that you received something of value here. Be kind to yourself.

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    1. Carla,
      I believe we can inherit from anyone who we have loved. It is the best in life to be touched by and held in love by another. Thank you for sharing with me. I am so honored that this poem made you think of him.
      Sending you a heartfelt hug.

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