Flashlight batteries


Darkness will arrive.  It always catches by surprise.  The last thing you thought would happen. Standing now between walls unseen. You can only feel your way. Bearings gone. Hearing your breath, wondering how long it has been since you just stood still. A moment of relief before the thinking returns. Holding the flashlight tight, you hope it will light your way. When was the last time the batteries were checked? One of the hundreds of tasks put into the someday pile.

© Ali Grimshaw 2015

17 thoughts on “Flashlight batteries

  1. What a way to start a blog! Glad I came across your blog, Ali!
    I tried writing poetry back in the days but, same as you’ve felt, I’m terrified to show it to the world. Yet here you are now, soaring high and shinning light into all corners of the world! I admire your courage and determination.
    I have to admit though, my poetry really needs some hard work put into it, may be I just need to search deeper within me and draw out what’s truly in there.
    Definitely following your blog!

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    1. Ann, thank you for taking the time to share this with me. We are all a lot more alike than we realize. My blog is my contribution to creating connection in the world. I appreciate your choice to follow me.


  2. Nice poem. My thoughts: I enjoy the light, especially the sunlight. But I’ve realized that it is possible to see even in the darkness when you adjust your eyes. One example would be looking up at the stars at night. I personally stand there until I can see as many as I can. I have done much the same throughout my life. I know there’s something I am not seeing. I want to see it because I know it’s best if I want my highest and best to always be a top priority. So, I adjust my eyes. Yes, it can be scary cloaked in darkness. But fear of the dark is an emotion I have pledged to conquer!

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  3. Dear Ali, dear travel companion….Thank you for these words of honesty and transparency, they already make it brighter on this sunny day that feels like coffin about to shut. Thank you for the glimmer of hope and the light, I will reach to these words for a reminder time and time again, for even when the light comes I know the darkness will follow. WIth Deep Gratitude. InLight. Bahareh

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