The falling rain washing clean the road,

pooling for the birds,

freeing the leaves.

These many drops,

falling like the sky wants to share,

a blessing for so many.

Looking at my upturned face,

you wonder why I yearn for dark clouds to let loose.

Pouring forth all they have been holding.

The sky’s release streams down my head, my cheeks.

A trickle drips from my nose tip.

The storm and I let this wind blow through.

The raindrops hiding,

what you will never know,

are tears on my face.


© Ali Grimshaw




9 thoughts on “Falling

  1. Wow. What a powerful poem. The last three lines are crushingly sad, but sometimes it’s good to be with your sad emotions. Sometimes we have to embrace it to get past it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karyn, thank you for your reflection. Each of us can be holding so much. Sometimes we are almost bursting, just like the rain clouds.


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