Looking Glass


With the brokenness

there is a choice

to hear the mirror
or bury that which you won’t face.
Without any proof
I know you can do the hard things.
It is courage coupled with action
that matters after we fall.

Brave has always

lived inside of you,

printed in bold letters.
Step forward
cloaked in courage to

pick up only the pieces that

are worth keeping.

© Ali Grimshaw 2019

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33 thoughts on “Looking Glass

  1. Ali, wow. I am so inspired by your poetry. There’s a spiritual energy in your words. I think you know that.

    Your last few lines reminds me of a Rumi quote, one of my favorites:
    “Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every croner of your life.” ~Rumi

    Much love and Light to you, Ali. Thank you.

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  2. Ali, your words are perfectly applicable to me …. yes it does take courage to put the “right” pieces back together again after we fall from crushing circumstances. Powerful poem! Sounds like you’ve been there ….. my Heart so goes out to you! BIG (((HUGS)))!!!

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  3. Really like the last line ‘pick up only the pieces that are worth keeping.’ It reminds me that we can’t keep everything we want or have everything we want…sometimes we just need a few essentials to move forward. Have a good week, Ali 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Mabel. As life grows longer in years it is easy to carry forth things and beliefs that weigh you down. It is worth it to clean house.
      I hope you have a beautiful day and travel lightly.

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